Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spyderco Bug Review

I find it handy having a small knife on my keychain.  It's useful for opening letters and parcels.  Cutting off those annoying loose threads on clothes.  Breaking into those packets of lollies that don't want to tear easily. 

At the moment I am carrying the spyderco bug.  What I like most about this knife is the size and weight.  It is one of the smallest knives I have seen; weighing only 12g, measuring 73mm in length (when open) and 41mm (when closed).  It has a small hole in the blade which makes it really easy to open and close.  It looks elegant and feels well made.  There is room on the handle for a small amount of engraving, and I have in fact given out an engraved 'bug' as a present.

The blade steel in the spyderco bug is 3Cr13, which seems to be a Chinese made steel.  I found the knife comes out of the box with a relatively sharp blade.  However, to maintain this edge, you'll need to sharpen it up every now and again.  The blade length is only 33mm, and I have heard some people complain the cutting edge is too small for their purposes.  I find for my usage, it is fine, however YMMV.  I have listed some alternative knife options, if you do prefer something bigger.

 Price-wise, the spyderco bug is relatively inexpensive and can be found from ~$6-8 (not including shipping).

Some alternative knives I have come across in this size category are:
-SOG micron - unfortunately I have now lost this knife.  I found this knife to be less sharp out of the box.  In my opinion it looks less elegant and has more of a 'tactical' look.
-Spyderco Honeybee - this is basically the same as the spyderco bug, but slightly larger (measuring 92mm/52mm - open/closed)

If you prefer something larger and thicker than the bug, you may consider:
-A small Victoronix SAK (swiss army knife), such as the 'classic'
-Spyderco grasshopper (Measuring 128mm/70mm - open/closed, it's a much larger version of the bug)
-Spyderco ladybug (measuring 111mm/62mm - open/closed, it has lock back mechanism and is made from VG-10 steel [a more expensive and better steel])
-Plus many more...

Leatherman P4, Spyderco Bug, Spyderco Lady Bug

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  1. Nice blog.
    Have you looked at the Leathernman Style for a keychain?
    My opinion: It's a good size for this, but too hard to get the tools out.

    Drive on-

  2. I have seen the newer leatherman keychain tools, however I haven't actually tried them myself. I might try out the style and style cs, in future. Just need to find somewhere than will ship it at a reasonable price to australia.

    On the leatherman style, I wish they would swap the scissors for a bottle opener (or other tool). The knife can pretty much do most things the scissors can do (except cutting nose hair - haha :P ).

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