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About this blog:

Welcome and thank you for visiting this blog!

Over the years I have bought and tried various keychain gadgets, pocket tools and other EDC (every-day-carry) gear.  There's something interesting about these items that I have developed an penchant for.  With this blog, I hope to bring to you, my thoughts and reviews of various toys and gadgets I pick up along the way.  I'll also try to point out any noteworthy projects or interesting gadget news, that I come across.

While I try to objective where possible, I feel a blog is a more personalised medium, where I will provide my own subjective thoughts and opinions.  What you read will often be based on my own preferences. No doubt there will be variable opinions on different matters, and I accept this.  Also, take what I say with a grain of salt, I can occasionally get things wrong.  If you disagree with something I say, feel free to leave a comment! 

If you enjoy my blog, leave a comment as well!  If you have any private questions or comments, I can be reached at: 99abc99[at]gmail.com .  (replace the [at] with an @ symbol - antispam purposes) .  I do my best to answer any emails that come my way.


You are interested in sponsoring the site, or have something of yours you would like me to review please email me:  99abc99[at]gmail.com


P.S. - [I've recently noticed some of my photo's popping up elsewhere. I really don't mind you reposting my photos, but please post a link where you got them from, or at least let me know where you've posted them.  It does take significant time and effort, taking and editing these photos]