Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keychain CPR Face Shield

I received one of these a few years back after having done a first aid course.  It's a CPR face shield held inside a small nylon pouch.  The pouch itself, has split ring which allows you to attach keys and other items to it.

Attached with keys and miscellaneous items

In the unfortunate situation where someone is passed out or not breathing, this face shield allows you perform CPR without having to worry about breathing or swallowing that person's blood or saliva.  This helps to reduce the risk of getting transmissible diseases such as hepatitis or HIV.

Face shield contained within

Considering what is contained inside, the package is fairly small and light, though a little on the bulky side.  The shape of the package makes it hard to take measurements but it's roughly; 55mm (H) x 55mm (L) x 15-20mm (W).  It weighs around 14 grams.

 To be honest I don't carry this one around on my keychain, but I usually keep in my laptop bag which I carry around with me a lot.  Thankfully I have never had you use it, but it's nice to know I've got it there if I need it.

I'm not too sure where you can get them from in your own country.  I did bit of a google search for you guys and came up with a few australian websites which sell these or something similar.  The first link closest resembles the CPR face shield that I have:

(links removed on request)

Additional Pictures:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Items of Interest

Hey guys just a quick update today on some items that I find interesting.


If you've read my review on the tec accessories glow fob, you would realise I'm a fan of this piece of keychain jewellery. It is now available in a few different flavours from various sources.

Merkava, has the glow fob available with tritium preinstalled, available in a range of tritium colours. This is a good option if you couldn't be bothered doing the tritium installation yourself.

Product link:!-Unlike-any-you-have-ever-seen!

EDCF forums store has the normal GITD fob, but available with a special cerakote coating. This special coating is meant to be hardy and scratch resistant, and is available in different colours. Colours include: black, orange, olive green, tan, burnt bronze.

 Product link:

Photo of Orange Cerakote Tec Accessories Glow Fob (borrowed from EDCF store)


This is a new AAA flashlight, just released from foursevens at the SHOT show. What interests me about this light is the size and cost. It is very small, and claims to be the the smallest current regulated flashlight around. The DQG tiny II is pretty comparable in size, however the DQG tiny II is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Preon P0, only has two light levels; 0.25 lumens and 25 lumens. The beam is a very floody beam. It's relatively cheap in price costing only $25USD. If you are interested in reading more about Preon P0, there is a thread on it at candlepowerforums:

Product link:


Once again another product that I've reviewed and am a fan of. Swissbianco has a new run of the silver alox ramblers.

I have to say I'm tempted to buy another one of these, as a back-up in case I lose my current one. (I probably won't because I need to say my pennies for other gadgets)

I'm particularly a fan of the silver alox, because I feel it wears better. Overtime, annodisation will tend to wear off on the scales, but since these scales are silver the wear does not show up as easily.


I've previously mentioned the MBI torpedo, a AAA light which aims to provide 500+ lumens. This light is still in the works, but another product the maker is working on is a titanium pendant light.  It's a dogtag shaped flashlight designed to be worn as a pendant.  Here the thread on candlepowerfourms:

Photos borrowed from the candlepowerforums thread