Friday, December 9, 2011

CVS Travel Dental Picks

Also during my trip in the USA, I came across these 'Traveller's Dental Picks'.  I bought these from a drug store called CVS, but I think I also saw similar items in Walgreens and Duane Reade.  These things seem to be more common the United States, but I've never seen them for sale in Australia.  Not sure if you can pick them up from other countries.

I assume these dental picks are meant to be used to scrape out bits of food stuck between your teeth.  These portable dental picks come with a keyring attachment, so if your fanatic about dental health, you could consider carrying one of these with your keys. 

The lid seems to click firmly and comfortably into the opposing segment.  Nevertheless, if your rough with your keys, I'd be worried about the lid coming off and poking your thigh through the pocket.

Lid with split ring attachment

When opened, the lid can be attached to the other end, extending the length of the handle.  With the handle extended, the length and width is reasonably comfortable to hold.  The soft silicone around the handle aids in comfort and grip.

Handle extended.  Soft orange silicone grip
These travellers dental picks were more of a novelty for me.  Not something I would actually carry around.  In terms of actual use, I find the metal picks a little sharp and not a huge fan.  If it comes to it, personally, I would prefer to use a tooth pick or floss.

I can't remember exactly what they cost, but I think they were $3-4 for a set of two.  Not too expensive!

Rough measurements (not including the split ring):  73mm length x 17mm diameter (measured from the widest section)

Width is the widest in the middle.


Can be purchased from CVS online store



  1. Thank you for posting these "pics" of the dental "picks", lol! I have been looking all over for my mom to replace one she had and misplaced. She has been asking for another and looking for a replacement. I am running out to CVS tomorrow to get a few!
    Thanks again!
    NC, USA

  2. I'm really surprised this post got a comment! I didn't think it would get much response, but I'm glad you found it useful.

  3. I've had a similar pick for several years, but wanted to locate a source in case I need to replace it. Thank you for posting the pictures.

  4. The best splinter remover of all time! And its sold as a Travel Dental pick! To use it for splinter removal: Insert the sharp end "down the rabbit hole" caused by the splinter. Then pry out at the entry point revealing the end of the splinter! It also works great for those hard to remove spots between the teeth! It's cheap too.

  5. Anyone know if the cap stays on? ive use picks for 15 yrs, the ones i got now the cap wont stay on, and pokes my leg.

  6. I had some similar ones from walmart. But I cant find them anywhere. CVS is the only place that has this that I know of and can find.