Friday, January 7, 2011

TEC Accessories P-7 suspension clip


You may have noticed on my keychain, I have a pocket clip attached with a set of keys.  This is a P7 suspension clip from TEC accessories. 

I find it helps to prevent my keys from bunching up at the bottom of my pockets; it spreads out them out so there is less of a 'pocket bulge'.

How my keychain sits with the the P7 suspension clip (imagine it hanging inside the pocket though)
How the clip looks with the keys hanging inside the pocket

 You can also attach it to multitools or small flashlights that do not come with a clip attachment.  One that comes to mind is the Quark mini series.  While these are good lights, one of the common complaints that people have with it, is the lack of a clip.

Attached to a small flashlight

The clip is a fairly simple product.  It feels well made, looks nice, clips tightly.  My only critique of it, is the price.  For $12 (not including shipping), its a little on the expensive side.

Material:  Bead blasted, spring tempered stainless steel
Size: 7mm (0.28") wide x 39mm (1.53") long
Includes:  Small split ring

Manufacturer's website:

Additional Photos:


  1. I like the idea but that is just way too expensive for a small piece of metal that doesn't even have a blade on it.

  2. @MWDP
    I know it does seem expensive for what it is, but I do get a lot of use out of it. I do feel it is worth it, in the end.

  3. I've seen many threads on EDCForums where people use small knives (such as CRKT PECK) as pocket clips to hang keychains on, which is a good replacement for this. AND you get a useful blade :)

  4. You can get a size 1 S-biner and attach it to the belt loop near your pockets for the same purpose as this. Its even more functional if put your most used tool at the end so you can take it out easily to use it without the keys attached.

    And all for the price of $2!

  5. Good idea, sounds much more economical! One upside I see about the p7 clip, though, is the foot print is fair small and barely noticeable. I don't have any s-biners, but I would imagine it would be more prominent attached to the belt loop? I'll definitely keep my eyes out for some s-biners next time I'm ordering something.

  6. Liked the article, I have a p7 and its essential for comfortable carry of a nice EDC keychain.

    I have linked it to my site if that is alright with you.

    Let me know if you would prefer I remove it.

  7. Feel free, I've got no issues with you linking to my website

  8. Clip works great, but it was extremely difficult to attach the small ring to it. Company should ship it already attached.