Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Keychain Screwdriver (From Focal Price)

Mini Screwdriver for Keychain

I bought this keychain screwdriver from a Hong Kong based website called Focal Price .  For under $1 shipped, there's not much to lose on this.

This tool comes in three sections.  The main body which has a flat-head and phillips-head screwdriver at either end. And two covers which screw over the screwdriver heads.  One of the covers has a small hex socket at the end of it.  The other cover provides an attachment point for the split ring.

Mini phillips head screwdriver

Mini hex socket

This screwdriver is fairly light and small; it's a good size for keychain use.  It measures 58mm in length, 4mm in diameter and weights 6g (not including the split rings and attachments).

The mini screwdriver heads are perfect size for those small screws, such as the ones you find on eye glasses or small electronics.  The small hex socket is a nice addition, but I have yet to use it.

Used to change batteries in this keychain light

There are small o-rings where the cover meets the main body.  These o-rings help to provide some resistance when unscrewing the covers.  Despite the increased resistance, there are some reports of the covers accidentally falling off.  Also, I do note, the o-rings themselves have a tendency of coming off, so care is required to avoid losing them.

Mini flat head screwdriver.  Note the black o-ring

The screwdriver comes with a split ring and key attachment.  I feel the build quality of the keyring attachment is somewhat dubious. Some of the links in the attachment do not meet together very well.  I would be concerned that one of the links could come apart if subjected to abuse.

Key ring attachment


This screwdriver works well for small screws.  The o-rings have a tendency to come off and the key ring attachment could use some improvement.  However for something that is less than $1 (including shipping), I really don't expect too much from it.  To be honest, I do not carry it on my key ring as there are very few times when I urgently need a mini screwdriver, however it is nice to have in the house or hand bag (if you carry one).

If you do get one, just a word of warning, shipping from some of these overseas websites can sometimes be slow.  A bit of patience is sometimes required for these parcels.


-mini flat-head screwdriver
-mini phillips screwdriver
-small hex socket

Weight: 6g
Dimensions:  58mm x 4mm (not including key ring attachments)

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