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DQG Tiny 2/3 AAA

DQG Tiny 2/3 AAA

The DQG tiny 2/3AAA is very similar to the DQG tiny AAA, the review of which can be found here.  The user interface and brightness levels of these two lights are essentially the same.  See the DQG tiny AAA review for more information on this.

Barring some are some minor cosmetic differences, the heads of these two flashlights are basically the same and are interchangeable.  The head of my DQG AAA has a black background with silver writing and comes with a black o-ring.  The DQG 2/3AAA has a green background with brass-coloured writing and a red o-ring.  Unfortunately, the head of my DQG tiny 2/3AAA had problems and is being sent back to the flashlight dealer.

DQG tiny AAA head, DQG tiny 2/3AAA head
The only difference between the two lights is the length of the battery tubes.  As the DQG 2/3AAA uses smaller 2/3AAA rechargeable NiMh batteries; the battery tube is shorter.  The overall length of the DQG 2/3AAA is ~45mm in length, whilst the DQG AAA is ~60mm in length.  This means the DQG 2/3AAA is 15mm shorter than the AAA version.

Modamag drake, 2/3AAA battery, DQG 2/3AAA, DQG AAA, Klarus mi x5

The potential downside of this light is the type of battery it takes.  2/3AAA NiMh batteries are specialised batteries that are not readily available at your usual bricks and mortar stores.  I have found they can be purchased at some specialised battery websites, just do a google search for them.  I bought some from here, as well as the flashlight dealer.

Unfortunately, there are no low-self-discharge (LSD) 2/3AAA nimh.  The 2/3AAA nimh will self discharge even if you don't use them, how quickly it self discharges... I do not know.  Even if you don't use the light, you may need to top up the batteries every so often, to ensure they are full.

2/3AAA nimh may require 'spacers' or special chargers to charge.  The rated capacity of the 2/3AAA is between 400-450mah.  This means, ideally, you should charge it using a NiMh 'smart charger' that charges at 150-450ma (0.3-1.0C).  Or alternatively you can do a timed charge and calculate the charge rate vs time.  I would recommend you fully discharge your batteries before doing a 'timed charge'. 

(I've used a few technical terms in the last couple of paragraphs.  If you are confused or have any questions, feel free ask.)

Battery size comparison:  AAA, AAAA, 2/3AAA, 10180 li-ion, AA

As the 2/3AAA battery is smaller and has less capacity, the run time is also less than the AAA version.  From my tests, the runtime on high is around ~20-23 minutes.  I got around 3 hours on the low setting before it became it became very dim and I discontinued the test.  These tests were done with the DQG AAA head (as mentioned earlier the 2/3AAA was faulty).


If you find AAA lights too large for your keychain, this is one of the alternatives out there.  Measuring only 45mm in length, it still offers a respectable high mode and a usable low mode, both of which have current controlled regulation.  Unfortunately there are no units available at the moment, there may be more made in future.  Keep your eyes out on the cpfmarketplace for updates.

Other lights to consider:

This is the only light I am aware that uses 2/3AAA NiMh batteries.  Some lights do use 10280 li-ion batteries which are comparable in size to 2/3AAA NiMh.

The 'modamag draco' and 'peak eiger' can use 10280 batteries.


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