Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have previously done a review of the TEC accessories glow fob.  A GITD pellet is contained with in this glow fob.  I prefer tritium which constantly glows and does not need to be 'charged up' with light.  Tec accessories sells a glow fob pellet kit, for replacing the stock GITD pellet with something else.

I did a post here on how to temporarily install a tritium vial into one of these empty glow pellets.  This solution has been working reasonably well, but I've decided to glue the tritium in permanently with some norland 61.  Having tried green, blue and yellow tritium, I've decided to go with green as it is definitely the most brightest and most noticeable out of all the colours.

Here is a video on my technique for installing the tritium into these empty glow pellet tubes.  I do admit my technique could do with a bit of refinement... cleaning up the blu-tack is bit of a pain.

Just to recap, here is where I get my stuff from:
-The 3x23mm tritium is from:
-The TEC Accessories Glow Pellet Kit from:
-Norland 61:

Summary of tips to install the tritium:
-Use a bit of blu-tack to block off one end of the empty vial
-You can use a flat end of a toothpick (or similar device) to neaten up the blu-tack if you have pushed it in too far
-Hold the empty vial at an angle, flow the Norland 61 slowly from one side. Let gravity slowly flow the liquid down to the end of the vial. This helps to avoid trapping dead air at the end of the vial.
-Only fill the tube about 1/3 of the way
-Gently insert the 23x3mm tritium. The Norland 61 will flow up the vial as you push it in.
-Leave it upright in bright sunlight or use a UV light to set the Norland 61
-Clean up the blu-tack. Use other larger bits of blu-tack to help pull it out. You can use a toothpick or a small brush to help remove the residual blu-tack
 -Top up the rest of the tube with Norland 61, set it again in UV light or sunlight.

Here is link to a PDF made by TEC accessories on various methods of using the glow pellet kit:

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