Thursday, December 22, 2011

Announcing the Mydogtag Competition Winners!

Hi guys, just a quick update, the winners of the competition winners have been selected. 

Everyone one was assigned a number on an excel spreadsheet in order of when the email was received. Followers were given an extra entry.  I then ran the the numbers through an online random number generator to pick the winners.

Here are the five winners:

Денис Бакеренко

Congratulations guys!  Have fun picking and designing your customised dogtags!  When I bought mine in the past, I chose the 'mini' because it has the smallest footprint.  However,, has a large range of sizes and finishes to choose from... in the end, the choice is yours!

Winners should have already received an email with their gift certificate.  Please let me know, if you have any issues.



  1. Just got my gift certificate email! I am excited to order me up some dogtags. Thanks for running the contest. I think you have a winner as a sponsor. I have been on their site and not only do they have good stuff, it is a well-designed site and the have a dogtag app for iPhone that I have loaded on my phone. Thanks again and keep cranking out good stuff on the blog.


  2. Ordered mine.
    Very nice to try what I will never buy, but was interested in. Maybe my friends will become green envy, and purchase some for them ;)

  3. Got mine today! Thanx, Hazna! Those are good! Also comes with two ballchains for free, long and short!