Friday, March 18, 2011

My Current Keychain (2) - Update

Here's an update on what I now have on my keyring.  See here for my previous keychain setup:

No Glow


Listed as follows:

Car keys

Tec S3 Glow Fob
Modamag Drake
True Utility Telepen
Victorinox Alox Rambler

Not shown - detachable house keys with Tec accessories P7 suspension clip

It's gotten a little heavier than my last keychain setup, but I am finding the victorinox alox rambler a better tool than the swisstech utilitkey.  The true utility telepen comes in handy, but I may consider taking it off, if I want to free up some weight.  I've tried a few other keychain lights such as the klarus mi x5 and the DQG tiny AAA, but I keep coming back to my modamag drake.  The diminutive size of the modamag drake is hard to beat.  I do have a Steve Ku 38DD flashlight on order; I'm keen to see if it can knock off the drake.


  1. Nice setup

    Where did you get the glow fob?


  2. Thats a TEC accessories glow fob... hopefully will have a review up of it soon.

    See here for some info:

  3. Nice blog, Im just getting into this, what seems to be a highly addictive hobby.

    I already discovered I need something I didn't know existed this morning, a glow fob.

  4. The one with glow is very nice. It will be a big help once there is no light.