Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Year Anniversary and Mydogtag Competition

Wow, guess what?  It's been just over a year since I started this blog!  During this time we've reached over 110,000 pageviews, with numbers gradually increasing as the months go by.  I've enjoyed sharing my various gadgets, toys and topics of interest with you guys, I just wish I had more time to post more regularly.  I hope you guys find my posts useful and interesting.  If there are certain things that you would like to see more of just let me know.

Another milestone for the blog, is that we've just gotten our first sponsor: mydogtag.com .  Often we can invest a fair bit amount of money in our keychain and EDC gear.  Having some sort of identification on your keyring, at least offers a chance that you will get your gear back if you lose it.  Of course this will also depend if the finder of your gear is a honest kind-hearted soul (or not), but we can always be optimistic.  Check out the mydogtag.com website, they have a large range of customisable dogtags!

To celebrate this sponsorship, mydogtag.com is offering 5 free dogtags to readers of the blog.  I've haven't used this on the site before, but I thought this would also be a good opportunity to make the most of blogger's 'followers' gadget. 

Here are the details for entering the competition:
1. Email me at 99abc99[at]gmail.com  (replace the [at] with @)
2. State in the subject line:  "mydogtag competition"
3. All emails will automatically receive one entry into the competition, whether you are a follower or not. 
4. If you are already a follower or become a follower, you will get two entries into the competition.  To become a follower click on the 'Join this site' button on the right-hand column.
5. If you are a follower, make sure you state your google 'display name' in the body of the email so I know to give you two entries.
5. Deadline to enter the draw will be 21th of December 2011.  Winners will be drawn randomly and contacted back via email.

Good luck!


  1. Great!
    Is this open to everyone worldwide?

  2. Yes, it is open to international followers and includes free shipping.

  3. Matt is from mydogtags, so it is confirmed to be available to everyone worldwide. Make sure you send me an email if you want to enter, though.